Is Cincinnati’s CEO Pay Out of Control?

Is Cincinnati’s CEO Pay Out of Control?

by Mary Burke Rivers

As I was wrapping up my work day and preparing to head home I read the Cincinnati Business Courier story, “Which public CEOs delivered the biggest bang for the buck?”, June 24, 2016. Once again I was shocked by the annual compensation level of local CEOs. Some over $10,000,000! Unfathomable for many of us.

Then I noticed the June 29th 2016 issue of Streetvibes resting under the Business Courier.

I read Streetvibes and considered all that is represents.

I am struck by the reality of our city. We occupy the same space but we live in completely different worlds. How can these CEOs appreciate the reality of many of us who can afford a quality place to live but are paid less than 1% of their income much less those of us who live on the edge or live without housing? On any given day our lives could intersect in numerous ways but our worlds are completely foreign to one another.

No wonder there is such hostility in the world and that the hubris and vitriol exists to the degree that it does.

I see liberals and conservatives with equal degrees of anger and righteousness. I am included in that group. We seem to be so busy blaming each other for infringing on our gun rights or for being ignorant or for being elitist and snarky or for being too _______ fill in the blank.

I rarely see those who breathe the rarified air of the top 10% income bracket engage in the debate. I guess our fighting amongst ourselves allows them to get away with taking the money without any indication of shame or embarrassment.  Come on man! (26 of the 27 CEOs profiled were men) We’ve got veterans, women and children, teenage youth, seniors, working people who literally can’t afford a $500 a month rent. Who are living in shelters, or on the street, or in terrible housing conditions. They could be the people who clean your office at night or pick up after you at sporting events. If you think social services can take care of this and that contributions to charity are solving the problem, I’m sorry but you are wrong. Charity can’t take care it.

Something has to change. I’m not suggesting that we storm the gates of the palace(s) but we could work together to elect folks that will work for us, who will work for compensation that allows us to live without fear of bankruptcy or homelessness or begging.

Rant over.