Advertise With Streetvibes

Advertise With Streetvibes

(Streetvibes publishes twice per month, a total of 24 editions each year)


Discounts: 501(c)(3) or (4) non-profits receive a 25 percent discount. Prepaid purchases of multiple advertisements receive a 5 percent discount.

Ad Size: B&W/Color
Business Card: $35/$43.75
1/8 page: $100/$125
1/4 page: $150/$187.50
1/2 page: $250/$312.50
Full page: $500/$625

Ad Sizes
Inches (H x W)

Business Card: 2 x 3.5
1/8 page: 4.8 x 3.5
1/4 page: 8 x 4.5
1/2 page (tall): 15 x 4.5
1/2 page (wide): 8 x 9.875
Full Page: 15 x 9.875

Ad Format
Color: CMYK; Grayscale/Black & White
File Type: PDF is strongly recommended. Photos should be in TIFF or JPG files and be high resolution.

Ad Deadlines
Papers are published every other Friday. Ads should be submitted by the Friday before publication.

Online Advertising
Call for more information

For more information about our advertising options, or to send in an ad, please contact
Justin Jeffre at or call Call 513.421.7803 Ext. 12

Checks should be made payable to Streetvibes, and mailed or delivered to:
[2012 Advertise in Streetvibes] 117 E. 12th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202