by Willa Denise Jones
Willa Denise Jones

Life is a treasure or life be can a jewel

Life is made of choices made of win, draw or pull

Looking back on my life not to mention the bridges I’ve burned

Understanding that I do have a choice which way my life will be turned

Having this knowledge, I wonder what changes could I have made in my life

Seeing my past and believing in God knowing with him there will be no strife

Treasures of recognizing my past and always asking would I have changed to be younger or right

Treasures are things I cherish from childhood up to date, anything else is out of sight

Knowledge of my past and in the belief of a change which would come with a new day

Having lived and grew into who I am right now, question: “who are you?” ANSWER I SAY!!

Treasures to me are things of the past that I have memory of, where making changes is too late

Treasures, my belief in God and to know with faith his love and grace is forever great!