Street Life: The Liar and the Thief

Street Life: The Liar and the Thief

by Ricardo Taylor
Streetvibes distributor Ricardo Taylor Photo: Aimee Willhoite

‘A thief and liar are one in the same’.

Like six of one thing and half a dozen of another, it comes out the same; or equal if you will, only; is that so? The dynamics of the two is such that they are one and the same.

Honored in the presence of gentlemen and respected amongst thieves. Ah, what a place to be. Standing as a force! A force of men; On the side of justice and right, while deceiving in the name of self-gain! Oh, really?

For me the greatest theft which could ever be committed is a lie! Lies do not come in colors, or size, they come in deceit.  For personal gain at others expense!

With intent you come to me with an elaborate fabrication about nothing; or whatever; it’s a theft, simply, because, you have my confidence, yet you bring to me complete falsehood {a lie}, with no real concern for me, it’s only for your gain! A liar and a thief are the same.

As life has come to me I have come upon a reality. One which has followed my thinking and actions, that reality is that as a man I would never have to lie! Oh, I don’t have to tell you anything! A lie as far I am concerned can only be of any value if it is to protect oneself from harm, or to protect another for that purpose, or to protect some property this would be the only excusable reason for lying. A liar and a thief are the same; so unbecoming of one’s nature!

One’s character is the investment of his/her integrity. The honesty of one’s actions is reflected in their character, in the phases, of dealing with others. The sheer audacity of the lie is imprinted in the actions and motives of the perpetrator, who with the vigor of intent concludes to deceive! Too arrest your confidence for self-gain!

What greater theft then to have you directed by falsehood? Leading the sheep to the slaughter! No regret or remorse from the perpetrator! Relishing in the gains from their deceit, the liar/thief, adorns themselves with pride and honor.

How audacious! To believe that you are blessed from God for gains obtained without the shame of a lie! Such are the motives and drives for those who practice deceit. A thief and a liar are one in the same!

A bit out of my usual compassion for the life of most street people I titled and wrote this essay not as an indictment against street people; in fact, often as not it’s the more successful individuals who might engage in those behaviors, yet, whoever, it impresses me as a violation towards others.