Trump Comes to Sharonville Again

Trump Comes to Sharonville Again

by Camri Nelson
Sharonville Convention Center Photo: Camri Nelson

July 6th was an exciting day for some in Sharonville, Ohio. This was an opportunity for Trump supporters to rally together at the Sharonville Convention Center to meet their idol. But for those who disliked him, it was time to express their grievances and frustrations.

Larry Thompson, a registered Ohio republican, is glad that he had the opportunity to attend the rally. He had followed Trump on TV but had never seen him in person. He described his moment inside of the rally as exciting and inspirational. His experience inspired him to want to get more involved within the Republican Party.

Paul Szudopwski, who is also a registered Ohio republican, strongly dislikes Trump. He never once stepped foot into the center, instead he stood along the sidewalk, facing the street, with a sign that expressed his disgust for Trump.

Amy Donnenwerth, unlike both Thompson and Szudopwski, is a registered Ohio democrat. She felt it was important to show up at the Trump rally to stand up for what she believes in. Trump, she claims, believes in mostly everything that she is against.

In Thompson’s opinion, Trump is the best presidential candidate because he’s not a typical politician.

“I’ve become tired over the years watching the guys in Washington do nothing and who talk out of both sides of their mouth,” he said.

He looks forward to Trump implementing his immigration policy and developing a better military unit. He claims that he doesn’t expect Americans to be war mongers, but that they need to be prepared for any potential attacks.

Szudopwski believes that Trump would be the worst candidate because of his dishonesty and his lack of knowledge regarding the Republican Party’s geopolitical interest.

“He appeals to the ugliest aspect of society.” he said. “He has used lies and distortions about all sorts of people whether it’s Mexican immigrants, illegal immigrants, or Muslims”.

He used a quote by Oscar Wilde that he claims fits the description of Trump: “a fool is someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

The only common ground that Szudopswki and Trump share is his immigration policy.

“I do believe that we need to have secure boarders, but I don’t believe that we need to deport 11 million people,” he said.

He believes that the American government should grant the illegal immigrants who are currently here amnesty. Half of America’s farm workers are illegal immigrants, according to Szudopswki. Therefore, if Trump deports them, he claims that food is going to rot in the fields, prices are going to go up in the grocery stores, and America will suffer massive losses.

Donnenwerth refuses to vote for Trump because of his foul language, racist remarks, constant accusations, and his use of anger and fear as tactics to draw people in.

“I thinks it’s destructive and divisive and I don’t think it makes our country better,” she said.

Hillary, she believes is the best presidential candidate because of her experience, passion, and compassion for different groups of people.

Szudopwski is very hesitant about who he will vote for in the election. His decision is between Hillary or Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate. However, he has become a little skeptical about Hillary after hearing about the email controversy. He jokingly said that a couple of weeks ago he had even considered running for office. All he needed to do was get 5,000 signatures he would have been added to the ballot.

Although he is not impressed with any of the candidates, he is determined to not let Trump win.

“It’s one thing not to vote, vote against the opponent who’s most likely to win is a vote of favor,” he said.