Street Life: It Is What It Is

Street Life: It Is What It Is

by Ricardo Taylor
Streetvibes distributor Ricardo Taylor Photo: Aimee Willhoite

‘No such thing; it shouldn’t have happened like that! What it is!? What it is; it’s not what you thought.’

The statement of this essay’s title is for me, absurd, or, at least ridiculous. I say that, because in my thinking it’s not articulate. You can accept things as they are, or, make the difference for yourself.

Being number one within one’s self, you have to answer the self-imposed question of what is it? What is it that my existence and essence are slated for? What is the purpose of my being?

As in automation we answer ourselves with; it is what it is! The loss of creativeness which accompanies such a statement is within itself, a tragedy since the very fiber of self-actualization is comprised. To become convinced that it is the only reality, is the place where moral deprivation resides, depriving oneself of the ability to make choices, or to be satisfied with the negative, is the very first step of losing one’s character. All sense of identity becomes marred and one begins to accept the absurdity that it is what it is, without question?

For me, a being in a perfectly created world, where we are taught that it is in fact imperfect, it is hard to accept the idea that nothing can be changed, or, that I can only accept it as it is beyond my personal conception!

The nature of man demands that we question. Questioning the things, we believe to not be right or, somewhat out of place. One’s growth and maturity depends on this questioning, and leads to fulfillment and success. Yet and still, it can be and is often the idea of questioning a thing, leaves one with the belief that questioning is for naught and we just have to accept things the way they are. However, personally I think that if one were to just accept that this is the only resolve then they deprive themselves of many of life’s values and lessons. There would be no new ideas of enhancement for one’s life nor would one have objectives when their lives are interrupted by others. It would be ‘oh well, it is what it is!’ No change or chance for advancement, living in the hollowness of ineptitude (Stuck in a rut), how disastrous!

Of course, something’s are a reality which cannot be changed, or revisited, for instances, if one were to burn a meal then it would be useless for consumption and therefore it is what it is would apply, yet that would not be to say that hunger is the only resolve! More food can be cooked!

The reality therefore for me is that although things may at times seem bleak there is always room for adjustments, and just because the bleakness may cast its shadow, there are always alternatives in one’s acceptance of things.

Simply put it is not “it is what it is,” better stated, ‘it is what we accept or allow’.