Open Your Eyes and Be Real

Open Your Eyes and Be Real

by Lee McCoy
Longtime Streetvibes distributor Lee McCoy Photo: Aimee Willhoite

When you shoot down one of my unarmed black brothers, it’s no big deal to you right? After all, it seems like you have a “do not go to jail” card. You see this all over the land. Sometimes, I wonder if it is some recent conspiracy to kill the black man off the face of the earth. Now, a certain set of readers of Streetvibes will not agree with some of the things I am about to say, and the ones that disagree, I am willing to bet it’s not your people who are being killed off. If it was, there would be a stank all over this land. Come on! Let’s be real. You wouldn’t be against a peaceful protest.

I was listening to a certain radio show and they were talking about this truck driver who was trying to get through this protest and things got ugly. Now, they never said what this trucker did to make people throw bricks at his truck. I don’t know if the trucker had some kind of road rage because he had to wait to get through, but road rage is my guess. I understand that being a police officer is a dangerous job, but you took an oath to serve and protect – all lives. Let’s be real, I am not talking about all the police, just certain ones who think they can kill someone just because they wear a badge. Those are the ones that make it really dangerous for the ones that are just doing their job.

I was just thinking about how young black police officers, when they change their clothes, do they ever think “Now, you’re one of us”? Stranger things have happened. How about this is one, “Why don’t Black Lives Matter go to Chicago and stop all the killing?” Now, that one was real ugly to me. It sounds like you want us to be police officers now. Here’s one I can’t understand to save my life. Here is a guy who is going to court in Michigan, who is going to the lock up, and they brought him to court with no handcuffs, and guess what? He ended up taking a gun from the guard and killed him, shot two more people before they put him down. Let me end this by saying our Justice System needs to be overhauled and that’s Real Talk.