Distributor Program

Distributor Program

Streetvibes Distributors buy the paper for 75 cents per copy and sell if for a $2.00 donation. They keep the profit that they have earned. This program has helped hundreds of people find and maintain housing. Streetvibes Distributors are usually homeless and formerly homeless individuals who are looking for work or individuals who are disabled or elderly and on a fixed income.

Becoming a Streetvibes Distributor is a great way for homeless and other low-income individuals to get back on (or stay on) their feet. It’s a hand up for people who are often in a place of getting only a hand out, or even no hand at all. Many work their way more lucrative employment as this provides reliable work, and a source of income for these Distributors helping them to find stability.Streetvibes Distributors are given an orientation and sign a code of conduct before being given a Streetvibes Distributor Badge. Our Distributors put a face on “the homeless” of Cincinnati and form lasting friendships with their customers.

Distributor Code of Conduct:

1.Streetvibes will be distributed for $2.00. I agree not to ask for more than a $2.00 or solicit donations for Streetvibes by any other means. If a customer donates more than $2.00 for a paper, I am allowed to keep the donation.

2.I will only purchase papers from the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless (GCCH). Each paper can be purchased for a cost of 75 cents. I will always show my badge when buying papers and if I do not have my badge I cannot buy papers.

3.I will never buy papers from and/or distribute papers to other distributors.

4.I agree to treat all others – customers, staff, and other distributors – respectfully. I will not use abusive language or force someone to buy a paper. I will not give a “hard sell” or be aggressive. I will not continue to ask someone if they want a Streetvibes after they have verbally or non-verbally said no and I will not make someone feel threatened.

5.I will not panhandle while distributing Streetvibes.

6.I agree to stay off private property when distributing Streetvibes. I will not distribute Streetvibes door to door.

7.I will not stand in front of doorways, walkways, crosswalks or parking meters nor will I impede traffic or sit down while distributing Streetvibes.

8.I understand that I am not an employee of Streetvibes or GCCH but a contracted worker responsible for my own well-being and income.

9.I agree not to distribute additional goods or products when distributing Streetvibes.

10.I will not distribute Streetvibes or purchase Streetvibes under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

11.There are no territories among distributors. However, I will respect the space of other distributors, particularly the space of distributors who have been at a spot longer.

12.It is unacceptable for any distributor to persuade or ask customers not to purchase Streetvibes from other distributors. Coercion will not be tolerated. If a customer prefers to purchase from certain distributors that is up to them.

13.I understand that my badge is the property of Streetvibes and I will not deface it. I will present my badge when purchasing papers and display my badge when distributing papers. If I lose my badge I will pay three dollars ($3) for a new one. If I lose my lanyard I must pay ($1) for a new one. If my badge becomes ruined because of weather or use, I will get a new badge for one dollar ($1).

14.I understand that Streetvibes strives to be a paper that covers homelessness and poverty issues while providing an economic opportunity for individuals looking for extra income. I will try to help in this effort and spread the word.

15.I will not deceive the public by saying that I am collecting for a nonprofit charity or that I am collecting for the “homeless” in general. I will be in honest in stating that all the profits from the sale of Streetvibes go to the distributor. I will only use the word “donation” when referring to myself, not the Coalition.

16.There are special rules for distributing at Findlay Market. Only distributors with approval may distribute at Findlay Market at a time. Other rules as established by Streetvibes and Findlay Market.

17.I will attend monthly meetings. Monthly meetings occur every 4 weeks on Fridays at 1PM, (dates are posted in the lobby) these meetings are mandatory. Anyone who cannot make the meeting must talk with the Distributor Program Coordinator, before distributing Streetvibes for that month. Ten papers will be given to those who attend the meeting.

18.It is the responsibility of each distributor to police fellow distributors or former distributors. I will report violators of the rules to GCCH. The value of the paper depends on keeping it credible.

19.I understand that any infraction of the above mentioned rules will result in suspension of my privilege to distribute Streetvibes and possible termination from the program. Badges and Streetvibes papers are property of GCCH and must be surrendered upon demand.